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Parent Psycho-Education Program

A facilitation program in the journey of parenting where parents with children aged 2-6 can share their problems and receive guidance. This program consists of 4-6 sessions and includes the following: 

  • Assessment of the parent-child relationship 

  • Preparation for siblings, if any, and how parents can handle jealousy 

  • Setting boundaries and family activities that can be implemented 

  • The healing elements of fairy tales/storybooks 

  • The applicability of play and play therapy methods during family crises 

  • Examples of applying cognitive-behavioral methods in child-rearing and crisis intervention 

  • Suggestions for parents on how to handle various situations such as starting school, separating from the mother, potty training, letting go of seasonal clothes, etc. 

  • Helping parents understand which stage they are at in their relationship and how to identify and address potential relational crises 

Although these topics outline the general framework of the program, each family's program is tailored according to their specific needs during the 4-6 week sessions. 

Upon completion of the program, if needed, parents can continue with a new roadmap. 

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