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Clinical Psychologist

Child, Adolescent, Couple and Family Therapist / Play Therapist

Her education in child development, which she completed after her civil service, introduced her to the world of psychology. Then she completed her master's degree at Marmara University Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department. She completed her doctoral courses at Arel University, Department of Clinical Psychology. The thesis process is still ongoing.

Mumcuoğlu, who has certificates in Family and Couple Therapy, EMDR and play therapy, works on issues such as problems between family members and couples, trauma phobias, emotional problems, etc. in children, and more.

She used to write columns in the "Çocuğumuz ve Biz" supplement of Akşam newspaper, where she covered topics such as family communication, parenthood, reading culture, sleep problems in children, healthy eating habits, the influence of media on children, children's fears, adolescence, nonviolent communication, working with children using puppets as an expressive technique, setting boundaries within the family, and the healing effects of fairy tale books. She also provides seminars to parents and teachers on these topics. Mumcuoğlu organizes peer education programs for young people on communication, addiction, violence, the importance of vocational education, body awareness, coexisting with differences, nonviolent communication, social responsibility, and civil society. She holds a Family Therapy Advanced Training certificate from ISIS Israel Family Therapy Coaching and Meditation and works with couples on healthy separations, pre and post-separation relationships, relationships in crisis situations, the impact of relationships on sexuality, parenting, communication problems, and more.


She taught the "Media and Children" course at Yeditepe University for a period. She has been providing family counseling at preschools for many years. She offers consultancy and training for various non-governmental organizations, municipalities, in their guidebooks, educational games, and projects related to children. She continues to provide pedagogical consultancy to publishing houses that release children's books. Mumcuoğlu, who has printed fairy tale books, is researching the healing effects of fairy tale books, puppets, and storytelling techniques on the parent-child relationship.

Özlem Mumcuoğlu
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