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Clinical Psychologist
Sena Avaz Avcı

Clinical Psychologist Sena Avaz Avcı graduated from the Psychology department of Boğaziçi University with honors. She completed her Master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Bilgi University with a thesis titled "The Relationship Between Mother Rejection Sensitivity, Father Rejection Sensitivity and Father Involvement with Young Women's Psychological Adjustment and Depression." 


During her Master's program, she worked as an intern psychologist in the Consultation-Liaison department of Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty and the Counseling Center at Istanbul Bilgi University. She also worked as an intern psychologist at Erenköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital, followed by the Child and Adolescent Substance Addiction Treatment Center (ÇEMATEM) at Bakırköy Mental and Neurological Diseases Hospital. After obtaining her expertise, she worked with former prisoners and long-term unemployed individuals at the Turkish Employment Agency. 


In her work, in addition to the psychodynamic approach, she integrated EMDR basic and advanced level trainings to address issues such as grief and loss, childhood traumas, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, anger, and stress management. She also incorporated therapeutic approaches such as Dolores Mosquera's "Working with Dissociative States, Self-Harm Behaviors, and Destructive Parts," Kathy Steele's "Internal Critical Parts," and Debb Dana's Polyvagal Theory into her therapy sessions. 


She actively participated as a volunteer therapist in traumatic events such as the Soma Mine Disaster and Atatürk Airport Bombing, supporting individuals exposed to trauma. 


She is an EMDR Europe-accredited therapist. 


She completed the first module of Integral Somatic Psychology training with Raja Selvam and is currently pursuing a 3-year training in Somatic Experiencing, an effective psychobiological approach to resolving trauma symptoms and reducing chronic stress, under the guidance of Ariel Giaretto. 


She continues to receive supervision support as part of the BATE (Individual and Family Therapies Institute) team, where she provides psychotherapy sessions for adults. Avaz Avcı completed a 2-year Rorschach training and supervision from the Rorschach and Projective Tests Association. She has presented at numerous national conferences. 

Sena Avaz Avcı
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