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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE), developed by Dr. Peter Levine, is a short-term, body-centered psychobiological approach aimed at healing the negative effects of trauma and chronic stress. SE works by bringing awareness to and tracking sensations in the body, completing the responses generated, resolving accumulated survival energy, and restoring the nervous system's self-regulation capacity. As our nervous system returns to healthy functioning, we become aware of our boundaries with others, feel safe, and experience curiosity and exploration in our interactions with the environment instead of fear.


What does Somatic Experiencing offer?


SE targets nervous system dysregulation as the underlying cause of symptom formation and persistence. Therefore, healing relies on body awareness, physiological regulation, and balance. SE raises awareness by focusing on the body's responses to stress and developing a comprehensive understanding of how the body affects thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It assesses where a person's nervous system is stuck in fight, flight, or freeze responses. Thus, it provides tools to help individuals resolve these blockages, change old behavior patterns, and enhance flexible resilience. 


Recent scientific studies have shown the importance of the biological component in traumatic stress responses and symptoms, while somatic awareness is increasingly finding a place in psychotherapy. Developments in neuroscience support that somatic approaches reduce symptoms in the short term and are effective in the long term.


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