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Sports Psychology

The main goal of Sports Psychology, which utilizes both problem-focused and development-focused methods, is to build mental resilience in athletes. Mental resilience is like a muscle, it can be developed through consistent and regular training. Many concepts such as high concentration skills, solid self-structure, effective anxiety management, strong communication and team dynamics, perseverance in the face of adversity, and flexibility are all encompassed within the scope of mental resilience. For athletes to achieve their maximum performance, it is very important to work on psychological factors as well as physical dimensions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is heavily relied upon in Sports Psychology. 

The main topics that are addressed in Sports Psychology are: 

  • Psychological Performance Profile 

  • Goal Setting 

  • Motivation 

  • Self-Confidence 

  • Concentration 

  • Emotion Regulation (anxiety, anger, etc.) 

  • Communication and Team Dynamics 

  • Routines 

  • Time Management 

  • Mental Strategies (Mental Imagery, Breathing Exercises, Self-Talk, etc.)

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